If you’ve been a patient of mine for a while and have had an appointment in the last couple weeks, you’ve probably noticed a few changes.  With my role transitioned from partner to sole owner, the name of the practice has changed to Smile Designs of Door County.  So why “Smile Designs”?

It’s no secret that most people aren’t super excited to see me or they “hate the dentist”.  This is totally understandable.  With that being said, my goal is for you to smile.  :-) Whether that means getting you out of pain, completing work that makes you more confident in your smile, making your experience more pleasant than expected, or simply having shiny teeth after your cleaning, we want to see you smile.

  When I was considering becoming a dentist, I spent some time shadowing a few of them.  One of my first experiences involved a patient that had a rather small, but dark cavity on a lower front tooth.  The dentist completed a simple filling, and the patient cried and hugged the dentist because she was so happy and felt so much better about her smile.  Such a simple thing made a world of difference for this patient.  That really stuck with me and was one of the reasons I decided to pursue a career in dentistry.  Since then, I have seen many more instances of how dental work and addressing a patient’s smile can have a life changing impact on their confidence.

  Every patient is different, every mouth is different, and everyone’s needs and values are different.  I want to work with you to figure out the best way to keep you healthy and accomplish your goals so that you feel comfortable, happy, and confident in your smile.

Keep smiling, Dr. Gina

 “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” – Connie Stevens

Gina R. Grenfell

Gina R. Grenfell

Co Owner & Dentist

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